Niko Brownlee
   Art & Design





Angelo Pinto Memorial Prize for Experimental Work - Special Notice, PAFA.....2015

M2M/Art Students League Nominee, NY.....2015

Awarded 4-year "Promising Artist" Merit Scholarship, University of the Arts.....2008



Poster Design, Princeton University.....2016

TA, SketchUp Pro Workshop, PAFA.....2015

Gallery Remodeling, ASFE Gallery.....2007

Theater Tech, Friends Select School.....2006



Solo Exhibition, 22 Gallery, Philadelphia.....2016

Cosmopolitan Club, Philadelphia.....2016

Represented by 22 Gallery, Philadelphia.....2015 - Present

PAFA Annual Student Exhibition, Philadelphia.....2014, 2015

Friends Select School Alumni Exhibition, Philadelphia.....2013

22 Gallery, Philadelphia.....2003, 2007, 2014 

ASFE Gallery, Philadelphia.....2007



Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.....MFA 2017-

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.....BFA 2017

University of the Arts.....2008-2010

Friends Select School.....2004-2008


Nicholas R. Brownlee, a Philadelphia native, was born in 1990.  He has participated in multiple group shows in Center City since the age of 13, and before and during his jewelry studies at the University of the Arts, he has featured designs in sterling, gold, and precious stones.  Since 2011, he has designed and produced by hand several small-scale semi-precious and precious sculptures shortly after beginning at PAFA, thus applying his jeweler’s background to the field of sculpture.  He has recently turned his attention to various forms of digital 2-D graphic design, as well as 3-D modeling and animation, which have become real, though unexpected, passions.  Having lost the use of his left arm, Niko is now exploring and transposing his skills as a jeweler and sculptor at PAFA by embracing the exciting realm of digital art.

Artist's Statement

I draw inspiration and strength from my Greek ancestors and modern technology. I use the knowledge of one and the keys of the other. The brush is my mouse, my keyboard; the palette, the screen is my canvas.

My digital narrations both praise and demonize the role and degree to which we have allowed electronics to invade. Blatant and subtle warnings display the chaotic, attempted balance between human life and the technology that drives it. Technology enables us to accomplish previously unimaginable levels of global communication; communication is the heartbeat of civilization, but it does not always follow the formula of more communication equating to a higher civilization.

Dimensional forms, animations, images; these avenues of exploration, creation, and production are now open, thanks to the help of the computer; the pinnacle of technological achievement. Without the aid and use of technology, these abilities, as well as many others, would remain in the realm of science fiction.

The forms I produce use the same materials from which the ancients attained their results. By combining ancient materials with contemporary synthetics, the past and present are spliced together, resulting in a unique blend ancient knowledge and

modern technique.